Petition to Sierra: Support Linux Client

         As you more then likely have heard, Sierra is working on an update for the Windows Tribes2 Client and Server. Through this process the Linux community has largely been ignored by Sierra. An update of the Windows client would have a huge impact on the Linux community. At best we will still be able to use the product we paid for with all users of the tribes2 community. At worst the Windows upgrade could break the Linux client to the point where you can not play online at all. Considering how many ways this could effect the Linux community it is very disappointing that Sierra has not yet made an official statement directed towards the Linux community. This petition is here in the hopes that Sierra will someday acknowledge that a Linux client community exists and at the least give us some answers and at the best support fully the Linux Client.

If you do not use the Tribes2 client (either version) then leave the default value for the Online ID. This is so non players can voice their opinion. If you do play the game then please enter your login ID so that Sierra will know that you are an actual player. To Sign this petition please answer the following questions (* - means required)

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A few optional questions (leave blank to skip)
Would you stop using Tribes2 if the Linux Server was no longer updated (regardless of the client version you use)?
How many Sierra products do you own?
Would you buy a Linux client version of Tribes3 when it comes out?
Will you buy Tribes3 for Linux if Sierra drops support for Linux Tribes2?
Will you buy Tribes3 at ALL if Sierra drops support for Tribes2 for Linux?

Here are a few questions about Sierra supporting Linux products in general (leave blank to skip)
Would you be interested in purchasing other products from Sierra if they where ported over to Linux?
Do you believe that future Sierra products would benefit if they had a Linux port given the widespread interest and adoption of Linux?
Do you think it would be a good idea for Sierra to hire previous Loki developers to aid in the development of Linux products (as opposed to sub-licensing it out)?

In what context do you believe Sierra should support the Linux community? (1-first choice, 2-Second...)
Full support for both the Linux Client and the Server...patch bugs...provide the next upgrade for T2
Update the client only I don't care about the Servers (to work with new update)
Update the server only I don't care about the Clients (to work with new update)
Do whatever you want just don't break my currently paid for in full Linux client.

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