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     The vote results are generated as images every 24 hours. Signers who ignored a specific question are not included in the results of those questions. The final question still needs to be added to the vote don't look for it yet.

Breakdown of the types of voters:

The following questions where in the context of yes or no. Each question is broken down into how what type of signer said what. Windows clients/Linux clients/ and non users of the game. The number of answers given by these three classes is shaded in GREEN for YES and RED for NO.

Would you stop using Tribes2 if the Linux Server was no longer updated (regardless of the client version you use)?

Would you buy a Linux client version of Tribes3 when it comes out?

Will you buy Tribes3 for Linux if Sierra drops support for Linux Tribes2?

Will you buy Tribes3 at ALL if Sierra drops support for Tribes2 for Linux?

Would you be interested in purchasing other products from Sierra if they where ported over to Linux?

Do you believe that future Sierra products would benefit if they had a Linux port given the widespread interest and adoption of Linux?

Do you think it would be a good idea for Sierra to hire previous Loki developers to aid in the development of Linux products (as opposed to sub-licensing it out)?