I want to thank everyone for their support and their signatures of this site. It appears as though we will be getting what we have asked for! So far the details are few but it sounds like someone called "SAM" from Blizzard (which is part of the same company that controls Sierra), who used to work at Loki will be handling the Linux port of Tribes2!

     It is unclear how much of a difference the petition made in Sierra making their choice but now it is time to kiss Sierra's/Blizzard's/Sam's ass. We should all thank them whenever we get the chance, and thank them for listening to the little guy...even if we where massing to a small mob.

Here is a quote from the news over at tribalwar...

Because of all the love the penguin-heads have given me here (no, really, I think one said a nice thing) I thought I'd let you all know first that we're about to set the next beta patch free. We'll probably reintroduce it to its native Internet environment Friday afternoon Sierra time (Seattle).

One other note: Two weeks ago an engineer at Blizzard who used to work for Loki was given permission by his fine bosses to build you all a linux patch. And so you should all first bow down to Harabec Weathers, then Sam at Blizzard, and finally to whoever wins the England / Brazil match today as they will surely win the cup.

It's been fun watching you all freak about the linux patch for the past two weeks. Serves you right.